sfDoctrineSettingsPlugin - 1.2.4

Allows for settings to stored in the database and recalled for use in the application.

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Changelog for release 1.2.4 - 22/02/2009

  • [15693]: Updating the readme file for format bug

Other releases

Release 1.2.4 - 22/02/2009

  • [15693]: Updating the readme file for format bug

Release 1.2.3 - 22/02/2009

  • [15692]: Updating the readme file for WYSIWYG field

Release 1.2.2 - 22/02/2009

  • [15689]: Cleaning up some old unneeded code from 1.0
  • [15688]: Updating the plugin to be able to use different edit forms for different types of settings
  • Added a custom forms for the different setting types currently in the system
  • [15678]: Putting back the choices which were removed by accident in r15639
  • [15640]: Removing closing php tag
  • [15639]: Trying to fix the plugin to stop generating an extra set of forms and filters in the wrong directory
  • [15638]: Adding a blank configure method to this to try and correct the generating of form classes in the wrong place
  • [15636]: Fixing a type-o in the readme

Release 1.2.1 - 09/02/2009

  • Fixing the issues for the module sfSettings in 1.2
  • Using the correct admin generator generator.yml format
  • Updating the actions file to include the correct admin generator classes
  • Moving the actions logic to an included base class so it can be overwritten
  • Added a pluginConfiguration class
  • Added a routing class for the plugin to setup the proper routes
  • Removing the id field from the schema as doctrine will automatically provide this for us
  • Moving the choices for type into the model
  • Updating the type field in the form to use the choicesWidget

Release 1.2.0 - 01/02/2009

Upgrading the plugin to make it work with 1.2

Release 1.0.5 - 19/12/2008

Removing the save button from the list view if we're not using the single page display

Release 1.0.4 - 09/12/2008

  • Fixing a bug where if there are no current settings an undefined array notice is thrown
  • Fixing a bug where when using the non-single page mode the value is not saved. Both modes will now work correctly.

Release 1.0.3 - 02/12/2008

Making the generator file look at a app.yml setting to decide whether to have the values editable on the list page or the edit page.

Release 1.0.2 - 18/11/2008

Changing my email on this package

Release 1.0.1 - 08/11/2008

  • Making the backend work with sfDoctrinePlugin 1.0
  • Making the wysiwyg editor use the options field for extra options
  • Updating the README file to be more helpful