sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin - 0.8.0

sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin allows to build a Doctrine based url shortening system

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This plugin provides all the functionnalities of a short url service similar to tinyURL:

  • url shortening
  • url validation

This is the Doctrine version of the propel plugin sfShortUrlPlugin.

It is a work in progress, which aims to grow as a reference implementation of the url shortening topic. The website http://xav.cc/ uses this plugin. The complete source of this website is available on the SVN repository http://opensource.lacot.org/xav.cc/svn

How to install

  • go to your project's root

  • Install the plugin:

     ./symfony plugin:install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin
  • clear the cache:

     ./symfony cc
  • alternatively, you might prefer to install this plugin as a Subversion dependancy. In this case, here is the repository: http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin


  • a query-string based api (not strict-REST)
  • all the possible feedback!

Contribute to the plugin, ask for help

Please ask for help on how to use the plugin on Symfony's users mailing list. You can also send me a mail directly : xavier@lacot.org.

License and credits

This plugin has been developed by Xavier Lacot and is licensed under the MIT license.


version 0.8 - 2010-05-16

Initial public release. Features all the basic functionnalities.