sfDoctrineTableGetterPlugin - 1.0.0

Code Completion support for Doctrine Table Getters

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sfDoctrineTableGetterPlugin 1.0.0stable for sf 1.4sf 1.3 and Doctrine MIT
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This plugin enables to have code completion support for Doctrine table access' in your favorite IDE.

This plugin makes it possible to have code completion for doctrine tables in your favorite IDE. The native design of Doctrine doesn't permit to know return types of a call like Doctrine::getTable('User'), therefore IDE's cannot spot what the return type is.

However, this plugin fires up right after every doctrine:build task run and generates a file which includes explicit definitions (phpdoc) for each table.


  • Works right after 'sfDoctrineBuildModelTask', 'sfDoctrineCleanModelFilesTask', 'sfDoctrineDeleteModelFilesTask' tasks.
  • Very simple syntax: DoctrineTableGetter::getInstance()->getUserTable() is equivalent to Doctrine::getTable('User') but the former one informs IDE that it returns a UserTable instance, which makes it possible to have code completion.
  • Works with all major IDE's like, Eclipse PDT, Zend Studio, Netbeans PHP IDE etc.


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gravatar Alaattin Kahramanlar lead rt.moc.ty <<ta>> ralnamarhak.nittaala


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MIT license