sfDoctrineTableGetterPlugin - 1.2.0

Code Completion support for Doctrine Table Getters

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The sfDoctrineTableGetterPlugin packages a very much desired but not yet implemented missing feature of Doctrine ORM: Code completion

Doctrine built-in table getter method, getTable() - by design - lacks proper phpdoc for each database table in your database which are required for all Integrated development environments (IDE).

sfDoctrineTableGetterPlugin, addresses this missing feature by a seamless and tight integration with native doctrine tasks. After each execution of these (documented below) doctrine tasks, plugin regenerates its auto-generated table-getter class to be in sync with project schema.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfDoctrineTableGetterPlugin
  • Clear the cache

    $ symfony cache:clear

Usage Info

  • Install the plugin, clear the cache
  • Run one of the doctrine build tasks (build or build-model)
  • To get (for example) City table use following:


    which is equivalent to this native doctrine call:


Bounded Tasks

Plugin regenerates it's auto-generated getter class after execution of following tasks:

  • build
  • build-model
  • clean
  • clean-model-files
  • delete-model-files

How to contribute.

If you want to contribute to this plugin, you can contact me by my listed email address, I'll review your contribution and try to plan in upcoming versions.