sfDomainRoutePlugin - 0.1.0

Extend Symfony's routing to allow effective use of domains and subdomains

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Changelog for release 0.1.0 - 30/04/2009

Initial release.

Other releases

Release 0.1.3 - 18/12/2011

Enabled support for Symfony 1.3 and 1.4

Release 0.1.2 - 26/07/2009

sfDomainRoute::matchesUrl() no longer returns subdomain parameter if is is empty. For compatibility with $request->getParameter('subdomain', 'default value') thanks: Henrik Bjørnskov

Release 0.1.1 - 03/05/2009

Fixed the way urls are generated. Will now use the host requirements of a route when generating a url if no subdomain defined.

Release 0.1.0 - 30/04/2009

Initial release.