sfDynamicsPlugin - 0.9.4

Manage javascripts/stylesheets libraries as coherent packages, dependencies, packing, caching and supercaching. JS framework independant. No magic included.

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sfDynamicsPlugin is a symfony plugin aiming to manage javascript features within a project. It supports js and css dependencies, javascript/css packing, theming, i18n, caching and more.

For now, the plugin is bundled with a set of libraries based on jQuery, jQuery UI and some additional jQuery plugins, but will in the future support different sets of libraries.

We do not provide...

The plugin does not allow to switch transparently from a js framework to another transparently. It does not aim at abstracting javascript frameworks. Each has its pros and cons, and we don't want to restrict each one's amazing features.

The plugin does not provides helpers for common functions, like symfony 1.0 did. Javascript code is written in javascript, so you don't have to learn a new PHP logic to write your scripts. It does not simplify your life by allowing you to write JS without knowing anything of JS, but by doing so it forces developpers to understand what their script do, and will save much time of debugging headaches.

We will provide in the future...

Logging/firebug integration for debug mode.

First steps