sfEasyDebugPlugin - 1.0.2

Tools to ease the debugging

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sfEasyDebug Plugin


sfEasyDebugPlugin provides tools to ease the debugging.

Graceful Degradation of Firebug

Willing to use firebug features on IE or Safari ? Already suffered hours of js debugging to find out you forgot a single console API call. Then this plugin is for you !

If firebug extension is not present in the browser, it allows to automatically include firebug-lite to have a cross-browser version of firebug, or firebugx which convert any console API call to a no-operation. This avoid to have all your javascript to fails, just because you forgot a single console call. To benefit from this feature, one must add the following at the end of the layout.php:


To install sfEasyDebugPlugin:

./symfony plugin-install symfony/sfEasyDebugPlugin

To install from svn:

svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfEasyDebugPlugin plugins/sfEasyDebugPlugin

Clear your cache

./symfony cc


Currently it implements only one function ezDbg::err()


If $mixed is a string, it is directly passed to the sfLogger->err() and to the firebug console.info(). If $mixed is anything else, it is pass to sfLogger->err() as a print_r($mixed, true), and to the firebug console.dir().

As convenience mechanism, it is possible to pass multiple parameters e.g ezDbg::err(a,b,c), and they will be treated as multiples call to ezDbg::err()

Additionnaly it add some information on the location of the ezDbg::err(), like the location file and class.

In order to get the debug passed to firebug, one must add the following at the end of the layout.php

Alternativly if you want to pass the debug to firebug, only if you are in dev environnement:


To dump the backtrace on the same logs as ezDbg::err(), do



  • Improve support of firebug API
  • Make the logging configurable


For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.