sfEleAdminBannerPlugin - 0.0.1

Plugin for banner administration and frontend displaying.

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sfEleAdminI18n plugin

The sfEleAdminBannerPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a simple tool for administrating banner placement.

It consists in one module called 'sfEleAdminBanner' for content administration and one helper 'sfEleBannerHelper'.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfEleAdminBannerPlugin
  • Publish plugin assets (When using pear install on unix, you don't have to follow this step)

    $ symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • Rebuild your model

    $ symfony propel:build-model
    $ symfony propel:build-sql
    $ symfony propel:build-forms
    $ symfony propel:build-filters
  • Update your database tables by starting from scratch (it will delete all the existing tables, then re-create them):

    $ symfony propel:insert-sql

    or you can just create the new tables by using the generated SQL statements in data/sql/plugins.sfEleAdminBanner.lib.model.schema.sql

  • Set the module enabled in your settings.yml (usually located in /apps/<your_app>/config/settings.yml)

            enabled_modules: [<your_enabled_modules>, sfEleAdminBanner]
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc


You can define your banners positions and pages in app.yml

        positions: []                   # array containing available positions
          <id>:                         # id for the pages array
            title: <value>              # value containing the I18N string translation for showing this page on administration module
            positions: [<positions>]    # array containing the positions the page use acording to positions array
            module: <module>            # module name that banner should appear (optional)
            action: <action>            # action name that banner should appear (optional)
          <id2>:                        # can add as many IDs as needed

The position can be interpreted as different ways:

  • A location of banner in a page;
  • A banner size;
  • A kind of banner content;
  • etc.

The page works as a filter for positions. The position is displayed only is set inside a page. When you set a page, you're saying that the positions set in this page should appear in the desired module and action. You can also set that position can appear in:

  • All modules and all actions;
  • One module and all actions;
  • One module and one action;

To set a position for all modules or all actions you can use the null value ~. But the position will only appear when you have a calling inside you page to sfEleBannerHelper function include_banner_position (see sfEleBanner Helper).

Administration Design

Administration is suited to use sf_admin theme (or advanced theme sf_ele_admin)

Using Administration Module

The administration module works like a crud. There you can edit the banner content in HTML Body field, set as active or inactive and choose the positions that banner should appear and respective pages (according to app.yml configuration).

sfEleBanner Helper

The helper contains only one function called include_banner_position. This functions has two parameters:

  • position: string containing the position name (according to app.yml config);
  • random: boolean that indicates if you want to get the banner by order of creation or random. Default value is set to true.

Example of use (app.yml):

        positions: [top, content_middle, banner150x100]
            title: All Pages
            positions: [top, banner150x100]
            module: ~
            action: ~
            title: Main Page
            positions: content_middle
            module: content
            action: index

In this app.yml file we set 3 different banner positions top, content_middle and banner150x100. According to pages configuration, the top and banner150x100 positions will be displayed in all pages that call them and the content_middle should be displayed only in the module content and action index.

Example of php file:

    <div id="top_banner">
        <?php echo include_banner_position("top", true) ?>
    <div id="content_banner">
        <?php echo include_banner_position("content_middle") ?>
    <div id="footer_banner">
        <?php echo include_banner_position("banner150x100") ?>

According to previous app.yml file configuration, this page should always display the banner top and banner150x100, and the banner content_middle should appear only if this page is from module content and action index.