sfEleAdminI18nPlugin - 0.0.4

Plugin for transparent administration of i18n dictionaries.

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sfEleAdminI18n plugin

The sfEleAdminI18nPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a simple tool for administrating i18n dictionaries.

It gives you a module sfEleAdminI18n - that is the user interface of this tool.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfEleAdminI18nPlugin
  • Copy the /web folder. Copy this folder from plugin directory into you sf /web. (When you use pear install on unix, you don't have to do this)

  • Set the module enabled in /apps/your_app/config/settings.yml

        enabled_modules: [..., sfEleAdminI18n]
  • Set the i18n enabled in /apps/your_app/config/settings.yml

        i18n: on
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc


  • You can set separator for keys, in /apps/your_app/config/app.yml

        separator: "_"

Structured view

All messages from opened dictionary are grouped by module and action. If you want to work this right, you have to use this convention in all keys: module-separator-action-separator-caption

An example of some keys: - GALLERY_INDEX_author - USER_LOGIN_password - GALLERY_INDEX_name - USER_LOGIN_name - GALLERY_LIST_photo

The plugin will generate something like this: - GALLERY - INDEX author name - LIST photo - USER - LOGIN name password

Very huge dictionaries are pretty transparent now. And you can also use fast navigation between modules.

Adding and deleting messages

When you add or delete a message. This message will automaticly added to or deleted from all languages. Pretty fast, isn't it ?

sfEleAdminI18n Helper

If you use structured keys, this helper will help you a lot. It takes as a parameters: caption, action, module, arguments for i18n, catalogue. If you do not set action or module it will print the actual one.


This plugin was developed by Elevator (http://www.elevator.cz). Plese report all bugs and comments to vojta.jina@gmail.com. Thanks a lot for using.