sfEleAdminI18nPlugin - 1.0.5

Plugin for transparent administration of i18n dictionaries.

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sfEleAdminI18n plugin

The sfEleAdminI18nPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a simple tool for administrating i18n dictionaries.

It gives you a module sfEleAdminI18n - that is the user interface of this tool.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfEleAdminI18nPlugin
  • Copy the /web folder. Copy this folder from plugin directory into you sf /web. (When you use pear install on unix, you don't have to do this)

  • Set the module enabled in /apps/your_app/config/settings.yml

        enabled_modules: [..., sfEleAdminI18n]
  • Set the i18n enabled in /apps/your_app/config/settings.yml

        i18n: on
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc


  • You can set separator for keys, in /apps/your_app/config/app.yml

        separator:                "_"
        use_self_defined_key:     true                  #no error, if the key is not wellformed
        translate_apps:           [frontend, backend]   #apps to translate

Structured view

All messages from opened dictionary are grouped by module and action. If you want to work this right, you have to use this convention in all keys: module-separator-action-separator-caption

  • An example of some keys:

    1. GALLERY_INDEX_author
    2. USER_LOGIN_password
    3. GALLERY_INDEX_name
    4. USER_LOGIN_name
    5. GALLERY_LIST_photo
  • The plugin will generate something like this:

      - INDEX
        - author
        - name
      - LIST
        - photo
      - LOGIN
        - name
        - password 
  • Very huge dictionaries are pretty transparent now.

  • And you can also use fast navigation between modules.


  • Whole application is suited to use sf_admin theme (or advanced theme sf_ele_admin)
  • You can change the default sf_admin theme, as you want.
  • If you want to use this theme, just put into your /apps/your_app/config/view.yml

      stylesheets:    [/sf/sf_admin/css/main.css, ...]

Renaming existing keys

  • If you need to rename an existing key, just click on its caption. Input text box will appear then.

Adding and deleting messages

  • When you add or delete a message. This message will automaticly added to or deleted from all languages.
  • Pretty fast, isn't it ?

sfEleAdminI18n Helper

  • If you use structured keys, this helper will help you a lot.
  • It takes as a parameters: caption, action, module, arguments for i18n, catalogue.
  • If you do not set action or module it will print the actual one.