sfFCKEditorPlugin - 0.0.4

A FCKEditor Plugin

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Changelog for release 0.0.4 - 28/06/2009

  • License, docs and package fixes

Other releases

Release 0.4.0 - 23/02/2010

  • After 1 year, Im porting it to 1.4 and dropping 1.2

Release 0.0.5 - 22/11/2009

  • API change: editor must now be configured with options array instead of attributes array (see readme)

  • Amended readme

Release 0.0.4 - 28/06/2009

  • License, docs and package fixes

Release 0.0.3 - 28/06/2009

  • Thanks to nerVo!

  • Move widget class in widget directory to be more symfony compliant

  • Add PHPDoc tags

  • Extend sfWidgetFormFCKEditor from sfWidgetForm instead of sfWidgetFormTextarea, to remove rows/cols attributes dependencies

  • Remove configure() method as it's no longer needed

  • Remove hard setting of sf_rich_text_fck_js_dir at the beginning of the render() method

  • Remove sfRichTextEditorFCK class checks, as the class is part of the symfony core

  • Correct attributes parameters of editor initializing

    • Changed plugin's license

Release 0.0.2 - 31/03/2009

  • First post. I'll detail it ASAP.