sfFLVPlayerPlugin - 0.1.3

FLV Player plugin

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sfFLVPlayer plugin

The sfFLVPlayerPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a player for flash "flv" movies. The player has been developed by Neolao and is available at Neolao provides several players. We choose to implement the [MULTI](flv-player.net.)(http://flv-player.net/players/multi/) version, which is the most complete version. This version supports playlists.


  • Install the plugin

      symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfFLVPlayerPlugin
  • Enable the demo module in your settings.yml (optional): sfFLVPlayerTest

        enabled_modules:      [sfFLVPlayerTest](default,)
  • Clear you cache

    symfony cc

Flashvars: the parameters controlling the player

The documentation and some examples of usage of the player are available on The list of all the parameters used to control the player behavior can be found [here](flv-player.net.)(http://flv-player.net/players/multi/documentation/).