sfFabulousPlugin - 1.0.1

sf Form Ajax Binder for protoculous.

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sfFabulous Plugin - Form Ajax Binder for protoculous

The sfFabulousPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides an ajax validation mecanism for the new sfForm (symfony 1.1 and 1.2).

This plugin comes with:

  • A generic method to Dispatch, Bind & Valid forms and extract the errors
  • A piece of javascript/css to handle the JSON response and interact with the form
  • A helper to provide a Quick & easy integration


  • Install the plugin

     symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfFabulousPlugin
  • Enable the module in your settings.yml

         enabled_modules:      [default, ..., sfFabulous]
  • Make the helper as standard in your settings.yml (optional, in case you want to use it anywhere)

          standard_helpers:       [I18N, ..., Fabulous]
  • Regenerate relative symbolic links in the web/ directory (for web elements such as JS and CSS).

      symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • Clear your cache

      symfony cc

Making it work!

Making the plugin work, is easy as:

      <?php echo fabulous_form_tag(url_for('@somewhere'), $html_options = array(), $form, $options_fabulous = array()); ?>

The helper use the standard $form->renderFormTag(). All you need is to had two extra params $form wich is your form object and a special options array $options_fabulous :

      * 'show_required_field'  : show required fields (default: false)
      * 'show_masks' : bind fields & masks (default: false)
      * 'complete_func' : javascript function to execute if form is valid (default: this.form.submit()). For example, if you want to submit your form via ajax: array('complete_func'=>'new Ajax.Updater("container...)


Form Ajax Binder for protoculous (sfFabulous) needs:

  • sfProtoculousPlugin (bundle by default with sf1.2). Any other prototype (>1.6.XX) / scriptaculous (>1.8.XX) installation is fine.
  • An dwCryptPlugin. Used to crypt form informations.


  • Auto focus the first error field
  • Auto enabling/disabling when submiting the form
  • Auto transform the text label for required fields (ie. Username* / Username (require))
  • Insert a div error and change the class of the error field (ie red border input)
  • Errors sent by HTTP headers (using X-JSON)
  • Errors sent with the json format (light => performances) and auto eval by Prototype
  • Multi states submit buttons


I'll post a link soon.


  • Wait for scriptaculous 1.8.3. effect.shake impossible due to a callback bug. For more info, see: http://prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8887/tickets/41-effect-shake-afterfinish-not-supported
  • Provide a way to ease conf
  • Render global errors
  • Implement prototype masks / widgets (sfWidgetFormPhoneNumber -> js phone mask).

    Note: this release is in beta and is not recommended for production.