sfFilesystemFixturesPlugin - 0.1.0

Fixtures for filesystem data.

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The sfFilesystemFixturesPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides support for defining sets of data files with which to populate the directory structure of a symfony project. The plugin works in much the same way as the symfony database fixtures system does, but in relation to files rather than database records.

This plugin works with either Doctrine or Propel.


  • Install the plugin (via a package):

    $ symfony plugin:install -s alpha sfFilesystemFixturesPlugin
  • Install the plugin (via a Subversion checkout):

    $ svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfFilesystemFixturesPlugin/branches/0.1 plugins/sfFilesystemFixturesPlugin
  • Enable the plugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php:

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()


The plugin will search the data directory (usually data) for a sub-directory called fs_fixtures and recursively copy the directories and files found within it to your main symfony project directory. By default, files will not be overwritten if they already exist.

In addition the plugin will search the data directory for a sub-directory that follows the naming convention:

fs_fixtures_<environment name>

If found, everything in this directory will be loaded also. For example, when running in the dev environment, fixtures will be loaded from data/fs_fixtures_dev.

The plugin treats these 'filesystem fixtures' as a part of the model layer of the application, and by default will load them at the same time as normal fixtures are loaded. Simply place the fixture files in the corresponding directories and they will be loaded any time the data-load task is invoked.

You should see output similar to the following:

>> fs-fixtures  Including fs fixtures from "/path/to/project/data/fs_fixtures"
>> fs-fixtures  Including fs fixtures from "/path/to/project/data/fs_fixtures_dev"

You may see some messages repeated depending on the task being run.


The plugin comes with 2 tasks:

$ symfony
  :clean                       Removes existing filesystem fixture data
  :load                        Loads filesystem fixture data

These tasks are fairly self explanatory, the fs-fixtures:load task loads fixtures, and the fs-fixtures:clean task removes them.

Usage information for fs-fixtures:load

symfony fs-fixtures:load [--overwrite] [--application[="..."]] [--env="..."]

 --overwrite    Overwrite existing files
 --application  The application name
 --env          The environment (default: dev)

 The fs-fixtures:load task loads filesystem fixture data:

   ./symfony fs-fixtures:load

 Fixtures will also be loaded from the environment-specific directory if present.

Usage information for fs-fixtures:clean

symfony fs-fixtures:clean [--remove-dirs] [--no-confirmation] [--application[="..."]] [--env="..."]

 --remove-dirs      Remove directories if empty
 --no-confirmation  Do not prompt for confirmation
 --application      The application name
 --env              The environment (default: dev)

 The fs-fixtures:clean task removes existing filesystem fixture data:

   ./symfony fs-fixtures:clean

 Fixtures from the environment-specific directory will also be removed if present.

Important points

  • The default environment for the data-load task is dev, so unless you specify an environment with the --env option, fixtures in the fs_fixtures_dev directory will be loaded, which could be very bad in a production environment.

  • Fixtures are always loaded from the main fs_fixtures directory regardless of the current environment.