sfFlashMessagePlugin - 2.0.0

This helper plugin displays user flash messages using very using two methods: nice looking bar popping from the top OR growl like boxes

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This helper plugin displays user flash messages using jQueryNotifyBar or jquery-notice plugin (your choice). First method displays very nice looking notify bar which pops from the top and disappear after defined amount of time. Second method displays growl-like messages at the right side of the browser window. Customization is possible.

This plugin uses awesome jQuery library, jqueryNotifyBar plugin by Dmitri Smirnov and jquery-notice plugin by Tim Benniks

Try out demonstration - method one | Try out demonstration - method two


This plugin requires JqueryReloadedPlugin.


$ symfony plugin:install sfFlashMessagePlugin
$ symfony cache:clear


Place jquery helper in your layout or template (or settings.yml):

<?php use_helper("jQuery") ?>

And inside body tag place FlashMessage helper:

<?php use_helper("sfFlashMessage") ?>

Define flash message in your actions.class.php

$this->getUser()->setFlash('notice', 'This is notice');

Above will display green notice with 'This is notice' text.

If there is no flash message defined for the user, nothing will be displayed.


Possible types of flash messages are:

$this->getUser()->setFlash('success', 'This is success');  //green color
$this->getUser()->setFlash('notice', 'This is notice');    //yellow color
$this->getUser()->setFlash('warning', 'This is warning');  //orange color
$this->getUser()->setFlash('error', 'This is error');      //red color

In your app.yml file:

  delay: 2500 #delay time after which notice disappear (in miliseconds)
              #error and warning messages displays twice as long as notice and success messages
  method: growl   #pop - use jQueryNotifyBar plugin (pops notice from the top),
                  #growl - use jquery-notice plugin (displays growl-like notice on the right side without interference to each other)

You can also customize look and feel of notify bars by defining your own css. (See css plugin dir).