sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin - 1.0.1

Add's register and profile functionality to websites protected with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin.

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sfForkedDoctrineApply plugin

Forked from sfDoctrineApply plugin (version 1.1.1).

It's stripped of Zend Mail dependencies as proposed by stephenrs on symfony forums, here

Thanks to punkave guys for the original plugin, and Big thanks to stephen for the modifications.


  • symfony 1.4
  • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin - installed and configured

Requirements should be similar as the original plugin, although I can only be sure of symfony 1.4. When sfDoctrineGuardPlugin will introduce email in official package, our current plugin should be modified to use sfGuardUser's email field, not it's own.

Changes to sfDoctrineApplyPlugin

  • removed all Zend Mail dependency
  • created a general library with all sfApplyActions functions
  • introduced inheritance to Profile model.


Installation should be simple as:

symfony plugin:install sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin

However it is also possible to install it through archive:

symfony plugin:install sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin-1.0.0.tgz

just place downloaded package in your project's root first.

You can also install it manually, unpacking archive, placing it's content in your project's plugin/ directory, and enabling it in your ProjectConfiguration.class.php file:


class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
    public function setup()

After installing this plugin, add this declaration into your schema.yml file: config/doctrine/schema.yml

    type: simple
    extends: sfGuardUserProfileBasis
  # Don't forget this!
      class: sfGuardUser
      foreign: id
      local: user_id
      type: one
      onDelete: cascade
      foreignType: one
      foreignAlias: Profile

You can add your own columns, if needed, it just won't be possible to set these as not null in database. Build your model after those steps.

All you need to do is to enable sfApply module in your settings.yml file:


    enabled_modules: [default, ... , sfGuardAuth, sfApply]

and set up routes for your app:


  url:  /user/new
  param: { module: sfApply, action: apply }

  url: /user/password-reset
  param: { module: sfApply, action: reset }

  url: /user/reset-request
  param: { module: sfApply, action: resetRequest }

  url: /user/reset-cancel
  param: { module: sfApply, action: resetCancel }

  url: /user/confirm/:validate
  param: { module: sfApply, action: confirm }

  url: /user/settings
  param: { module: sfApply, action: settings }

And you can enjoy user registration on your website.


To configure this plugin to actually send registration emails, You need to set up email settings according to day 16 of Jobeet tutorial, and set up your from credentials in app.yml


          email: "your@emailaddress.com"
          fullname: "the staff at yoursite.com"

You should also turn on i18n engine, as this plugin, like the project it rooted from is fully internationalised:


    i18n: on

Displaying Login and Logout Prompts

(fragment of sfDoctrineApplyPlugin's README)

You probably have pages on which logging in is optional. It's nice to display a login prompt directly on these pages. If you want to do that, try including my login/logout prompt component from your apps/frontend/templates/layout.php file:

<?php include_component('sfApply', 'login') ?>

Note that you can suppress the login prompt on pages that do include this partial by setting the sf_apply_login slot:

<?php slot('sf_apply_login') ?>
<?php end_slot() ?>


sfDoctrineApplyPlugin was written by Tom Boutell. He can be contacted at tom@punkave.com. See also www.punkave.com and www.boutell.com for further information about his work.

Changes resulting in forking the original plugin were written by stephenrs. sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin was created by Grzegorz Śliwiński as a result of those changes with some additions. You can contact him at fizyk@fizyk.net.pl or through jabber/xmpp at fizyk@jabbim.pl.


Version 1.0.0

  • fizyk: fixed issue when logged user trying to reset his password was presented with 404 web site (reported by tnaseem).
  • fizyk: removed all PHP's heredoc's <<

Version 0.9

  • Removed all Zend_Mail references and got back to SwiftMailer
  • Introduced simple inheritance for profile model.
  • Logged user won't get confirmation email when accidentally requesting password change.
  • Visitor can't get access to reset password page if not logged in, or haven't came through confirmation page.
  • Doubled the original confirmation string.
  • Moved action library class into appropriate folder
  • Added i18n pl strings

For previous Changes see sfDoctrineApply Plugin's page.


  • task to clean old validate codes
  • setting that would allow disable email verification during registration
  • add captcha!
  • more i18n!
  • possibility to edit emails