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The 'sfFormMooDooPlugin' packages useful validators, widgets, and forms.

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The 'sfFormMooDooPlugin' packages useful validators, widgets, and forms.


  • Install the plugin

    The version of the plugin, in this moments, es beta, so you need add parameter --stability="beta" in the instalation proccess.

    $ symfony plugin:install sfFormMooDooPlugin --stability="beta"

  • Create simbolic link to /web (*nix SO)

    $ cd ./plugins $ ln -s sfFormMooDooPlugin/web ../web/sfFormMooDooPlugin

  • Donloading Mootools javascript framework and add to VIEW.

    1. MooTools donwload example

    2. Add to application VIEW

      [yml] default: javascripts: [mootools-version.js]



  • sfWidgetFormMooPropelChoiceWithAdd

How to contribute.

If you want to contribute a validator, a widget, or a form, follow these steps:

  • Check the prerequisites
    • The license must be MIT
    • You must have a unit test suite (100% coverage)
    • You must have PHPdoc for all classes and methods with a documentation usage
    • You must follow symfony coding standards
    • The contribution must not be too specific
    • You must be sure you will be able to maintain your contribution
  • Create a ticket and attach a patch
    • Choose sfFormMooDOoPlugin as the component
    • Change the qualification to 'Ready for core team'