sfFtpPlugin - 1.0.0

sfFtpPlugin provides a command to deploy a project over FTP connection.

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sfFtp plugin

The sfFtpPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides deploy command over ftp connection.

It is useful for hosting symfony projects on shared hosts that do not offer ssh/rsync capabilities.


  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install sfFtpPlugin
  • Configuration

    • Define ftp connection parameters in PROJECT/config/ftp.ini

    • Define exclusions in PROJECT/config/ftp_exclude.txt


    Lines that start with semicolon are comments. Semicolon must start the line (it have to be the first character).

    Every rule have to be correct regular expressions. Empty lines are ignored.

    Example rule to exclude contents of a folder:


    Example rule to exclude one file:



  • Commands

        symfony ftp:deploy production
        symfony ftp:deploy production --go
        symfony ftp:deploy production --go --all-files

    Without --go option the command will perform dry run. No files/directories will be trensfered over ftp channel. You will be informed about files that should be updated.

    The option --all-files forces complete update of a project. All files (modified and unmodified) will be copied. Excluded files (i.e. files that match rules from ftp_exclude.txt) are never copied.


  • If you rename a local file inside a project, the old one will not be erased on the server. Thus the synchronization is not complete. We only update files and never delete them on the server.

To do

  • Classes for dir/filenames manipulation
  • Unit tests for dir/filenames maniputation
  • Ftp options: port, passive mode
  • Logging
  • Error handling: directory exists
  • Check implementation of Net_FTP: http://pear.php.net/package/Net_FTP
  • Check implementation of Zend_File_Transfer
  • Remove old files from remote server? Do we need it?
  • Validation of regular expressions stored in ftp_exclude.txt


  • -----done--- Exclusions
  • -----done--- Check modification's date on remote server: ftp_mdtm()