sfGenerateControllerTaskPlugin - 1.1.0

Easily generate front web controllers for your symfony project

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The generate:controller task creates a front controller in your project's web/ directory:

./symfony generate:controller frontend dev

Traffic to this controller can be restricted by IP address by using the --allowed-ip option:

./symfony generate:controller frontend dev --allowed-ip=""

This common use case can also be accomplished using the localhost shortcut (which also adds the IPv6 equivalent):

./symfony generate:controller frontend dev --allowed-ip="localhost"

If you want to use a filename other than the symfony default filename, use the --filename option:

./symfony generate:controller frontend dev --filename="index"

The controller can be configured to listen to the server for configuration variables using the check-server option:

./symfony generate:controller frontend prod --check-server

This option will add logic to your controller to first look for SF_APPLICATION, SF_ENVIRONMENT and SF_DEBUG keys in the $_SERVER array. If these keys are not found, the command arguments are used as fallback values.

Using the check-server option you can create an index.php controller that can dispatch any application, depending on what SetEnv directives exist in the requested VirtualHost configuration. This feature is Apache-specific.

./symfony generate:controller frontend prod --filename="index" --check-server --force



  • Added option to check server for configuration values
  • Added exception if file already exists and --force option to overwrite
  • Migrated README to Markdown for new plugins system


  • Initial public release