sfGeshiPlugin - 1.0.0

sfGeshiPlugin provides easy use of the Generic Syntax Highlighter (GeSHi)

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Provides easy use of Generic Syntac Highlighter (GeSHi) in symfony projects. Current release of the plugin is based on version of GeSHI.


$ ./symfony plugin:install sfGeshiPlugin

The plugin is provided with an example module to test if everything works fine. Go to your application config directory and add sfGeshiExample module to enabled modules section in settings.yml file. Next step is to edit config/routing.yml file of the plugin - you shall uncomment all lines. Then clear the cache:

$ ./symfony cc

and everything is ready to run:


in your browser. You shall see a demonstration of highlighting PHP code of the actions.class.php file.


It's obvious - store all the code you want to highlight in one variable and pass it as the first parameter to sfGeshi class constructor. The second parameter is the language name. See the example below:

$code_orig = "<?php echo \"hello GeSHi\"; ?>";
$geshi = new sfGeshi($code_orig, 'php');
$code_high = $geshi->parse_code();


The plugin provides a GeSHi syntax highlighting example. The code is generated inside the action:

$geshi = new sfGeshi(implode("", file(__FILE__)), 'php');
$this->code = $geshi->parse_code();

and displayed in the template:

<?php echo $code ?>

As you can see, there's nothing difficult.


See the GeSHi documentation.