sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin - 1.0.1

Allowed to switch the context to another user

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The sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a way to switch the user without login data.


  • Install the plugin (via a Subversion checkout)

    svn co http//svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin/trunk plugins/sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin
  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin
  • Enable one or more modules in your settings.yml (optional). For your frontend application: sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin

        enabled_modules:      [sfGuardUserSwitcherPlugin](default,)
  • Add component to your layout

    include_component('sfGuardUserSwitcher', 'index');
  • Clear you cache

    symfony cc


By default only super admins are allowed to switch the user you change this by override the function hasPermissionToSwitch in the component.