sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin - 1.2.1

Notify by email project exceptions end logged errors, through the Hoptoad service

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sfHoptoadNotifier plugin

sfHoptoadNotifier is symfony plugin that sends notifications to Hoptoad (http://hoptoadapp.com) about your project exceptions and error log messages. It's based on http://github.com/rich/php-hoptoad-notifier/tree/master.

The version 1.2 of this plugin use the Hoptoad API V2. The V1 is no longer effective since the 1st feb. 2010.


It requires a http client, which must be either curl, zend or pear (default).

  • pear:

    $ pear install HTTP_Request2

    (if it does not work, try: $ pear install HTTP_Request2-alpha)

  • curl:

    install mod_curl. On debian-like:

    $ apt-get install php5-curl
  • zend:

    install Zend_Http_Client

Install the plugin

  • using symfony:

    php symfony plugin:install sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin
  • or using git:

    $ git clone git://github.com/tmarly/sfhoptoadnotifierplugin.git plugins/sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin
    then enable the plugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
  • or by direct download:

    get http://github.com/tmarly/sfhoptoadnotifierplugin/blob/master/sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin-2.0.0.tgz

    tar xvzf sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin-2.0.0.tgz plugins/

    then enable the plugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

Configure your app.yml:

          api_key: you_api_key_goes_here
          client: curl # either pear, curl, or zend
          log_level: err # all logs of this level or above will be logged into hoptoad
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc