sfImageCachePlugin - 1.0.0

Simple image size and transformation caching.

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This plugin requires that you install either sfThumbnailPlugin or sfImageTransformPlugin for image transformation. sfImageTransformPlugin is used by default, but you can change this to sfThumbnailPlugin in app.yml

    transformer:    sfThumbnailPlugin

Run symfony's plugin:publish-assets task in order to symlink web/sfImageCachePlugin to cache/sfImageCachePlugin. This allows your cached images to be cleared with the cache:clear task, while keeping them web-accessible

$ php symfony plugin:publish-assets


This plugin caches images of various sizes in your cache directory.
Create imagecache profiles and call them using the imagecache_tag and imagecache_path methods in ImageCacheHelper. Configure your imagecache profiles in app.yml:

      width:  100
      height: 200

Then call this profile in your views using the helper methods

<!-- myviewSuccess.php -->
<?php use_helper('ImageCache') ?>

<!-- output image tag for imagecache-->
<?php echo imagecache_tag($user['photo'], 'profile_photo', array('alt' => $user->getName())) ?>

<!-- output src attribute for imagecache -->
<img src="<?php echo imagecache_path($user['photo'], 'profile_photo) ?>" />

Some options included in the imagecache profile are the following

  • width: The width of the cached image. Leave this empty if you want it to be set based on the height
  • height: The height of the cached image. Leave this empty if you want it to be set based on the width
  • asynchronous: When set to true, a web action is called to render the cached image. This is useful when you have a whole lot of cached images on a page. Without this option enabled, the server will try to create all these cached images at once, and may time out. You must enable the "imagecache" module to use this.


Various things can be configured at the global level via app.yml. All of these options are present in the app.yml packaged with the plugin along with description for each.

    transformer:      sfImageTransformPlugin
    service_class:    sfImageCacheService
    web_path:         /sfImageCachePlugin/cached_images

The transformer option specifies the plugin used to do the heavy lifting of the image transformation.

The service_class option allows you to subclass the sfImageCacheService class.

The web_path option tells the helpers where to place the cached images.


  • Profiles have subfolders
  • Allow the passing of dimensions to the imagecache function (instead of profile) ** Incorporate .htaccess in profile directory to call php script to create file
  • Allow for transform attributes - for extendibility
  • Add "remote" option to pull remote images
  • Hook into cache system to allow use of cache drivers, lifetimes and sfNoCache
  • Behavior to clear cache upon image field update, generate cache using a task or on save