sfImageTransformExtraPlugin - 0.9.1

Christian Schaefer <caefer@ical.ly>

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Changelog for release 0.9.1 - 14/03/2010

  • caefer: at least started the README

Other releases

Release 1.0.12 - 24/11/2010

  • updated version number
  • added log messages
  • added max_folder_depth default value 10 and added default options format and sf_format for thumbnail removal
  • removePattern() is now using glob instead of RecursiveDirectoryIterator
  • added max_folder_depth to all example routes
  • documented max_folder_depth
  • finally mention thumbnailing.yml in readme

Release 1.0.11 - 22/11/2010

  • bugfix. in case of multiple routes with similar url patterns but different save paths the current routename is now considered
  • added best practice advise to readme considering event deletion
  • implemented some micro optimisations that allow start traversing deeper in the tree if passed options provide
  • finally added a few lines about automatic removal of thumbnails
  • optimisation. refined basepath to recursively iterate based on the passed route tokens
  • small change to work on window systems as well (thanks Mirko)
  • added todo item
  • fixed Typo in Exception Message (thanks robo47)
  • added some more unit tests
  • Changed CodeSniffer standard from Sebastian to Symfony
  • fixed typo
  • path correction in build.xml
  • updated TODO
  • two small fixes for documentation: ulr is now URL and the right class name to extend (thank skoop)
  • located the build directory for CI artifacts outside
  • updated package information
  • added build.xml following s bergmanns example for CI
  • adjusted to phpunit 5.3 where requiring phpunit and bootstrap script is no longer necessary
  • skipped config/removeOldThumbnails test as this was refactored and has yet to be done
  • http test resource is now google logo
  • strict compliance: adjusted find() method
  • added build.xml following s bergmanns example for CI
  • ignored build folder which is used by CI
  • changed remote resource from localhost to ever existing google logo

Release 1.0.10 - 16/08/2010

  • added maxdepth(0) to avoid matching files with the same name but in deeper path
  • ensured that there are no double slashes in the url
  • implemented event handling for removing thumbnails when 'sf_image_transform.changed_source' is notified
  • cleaned up code which could produce warnings

Release 1.0.9 - 22/07/2010

  • this time I hope it's for real. symfony pear channel is using the .com domain not the .org..

Release 1.0.8 - 22/07/2010

  • still fixing the dependencies. just found out that apparently the max version is exclusive..

Release 1.0.7 - 21/07/2010

  • fixed a wrong dependency

Release 1.0.6 - 21/07/2010

  • fixed fill and style options from off to ~
  • fixed boolean parameters for resize options
  • fixed spare brackets
  • fixed spare brackets
  • fixed channel url for sfImageTransformPlugin

Release 1.0.5 - 24/06/2010

  • caefer: restructured README
  • caefer: added a task to check if everything is setup correctly for caching generated images

$ php symfony --color transforms:check-caching frontend

Run this task to check if your settings allow the thumbnail caching to work properly.

>> no script name sf_no_script_name is set to true.

>> caching sf_cache is set to true.

>> route 'sf_image' exists.

>> route Route 'sf_image' points to '/thumbnails/in/some/deeper/path/'.

>> route The absolute path for this is '/path/to/your/project/web/thumbnails/in/some/deeper/path/'.

>> cache dir Path '/thumbnails/in/some/deeper/path' does not exist. Let's move one level up.

>> cache dir Path '/thumbnails/in/some/deeper' does not exist. Let's move one level up.

>> cache dir Path '/thumbnails/in/some' does not exist. Let's move one level up.

>> cache dir Path '/thumbnails/in' does not exist. Let's move one level up.

>> cache dir Path '/path/to/your/project/sfiteptask/web/thumbnails' exists.

>> cache dir Path '/path/to/your/project/sfiteptask/web/thumbnails' is a directory.

>> cache dir Path '/path/to/your/project/sfiteptask/web/thumbnails' is writable.

Please note that this check is testing priviledges for your current user account.

If your web server is running from a different user account (as it should) the result could be different.

Everything seems to be alright. If it still does not work it's probably a permissions problem.

Release 1.0.4 - 31/05/2010

  • caefer: bugfix: namespace_callable was incorrectly adressed and prevented caching
  • caefer: removed some obsolete but costly part of code
  • caefer: corrected README about overlay and alphaMask transformation parameters
  • caefer: removed all example routes and left only default @sf_image all others are commented
  • caefer: added class check for sfImageSource classes as set on routes
  • caefer: adapted tests

Release 1.0.3 - 18/05/2010

This is a bugfix release. Remote image sources depending on their binary structure might not have been able to detect the mime type of. This was caused by getimagesize() seeking when mime information could not be read from the first chunk of data.

  • caefer: moved default http route upwards to avoid a conflict with the default file route
  • caefer: implemented seekable stream_read() for remote sources (with help from Jan Schumann)
  • caefer: added tests to ensure seeking/telling is working on remote sources.
  • caefer: corrected the README about overlay and alphaMask transformation parameters

Release 1.0.2 - 12/05/2010

  • caefer: added a way to add custom resource locations for overlays and alpha masks" config/app.yml lib/transforms/sfImageTransformManager.class.php
  • caefer: added a setting to re-configure the cache_namespace_callable
  • caefer: bugfix: in Propel you have to use accessors to get attributes. fixed in sfImageSourcePropel
  • caefer: sfImageSourceRemoteAbstract now returns fix inode protection node (readable)

Release 1.0.1 - 28/04/2010

PLEASE NOTE! In this release there is a bugfix of the autoboxing feature which requires you to change your thumbnailing.yml if you use transformations like overlay or alphamask. In this case you have to prefix the overlay and mask parameters with "sfImage|". See http://trac.symfony-project.org/changeset/29292 for an example.

  • caefer: bugfix: autoboxing of parameters now limited to parameters prefixed with 'className|'
  • caefer: updated docblock comments for autoboxing related methods

Release 1.0.0 - 26/04/2010

  • caefer: bugfix: removed forgotten var_dump()s..
  • caefer: optimised the extension matching and file info code
  • caefer: reviewed, corrected and completed README
  • caefer: reviewed and updated some of the default resources used within this plugin

Release 0.9.9 - 13/04/2010

  • caefer: implemented sfImageSourcePropel to accept image sources stored in the database for Propel projects
  • caefer: implemented task to remove existing thumbnail files based on appropriate routes
  • caefer: bugfix. getimagesize() relies on seek() and tell(). both now implemented in the wrappers (thanks sebastien!)
  • caefer: bugfix. for file sources glob() did match a.jpg as well as ab.jpg. this is solved by a tightern pattern now (thanks miloslav!)

Release 0.9.8 - 06/04/2010

  • caefer: transformation callbacks are now generalised and outside transformation classes
  • caefer: sfImageAlphaMaskGD and sfImageRoundedCornersGD have been moved to sfImageTransformPlugin

Release 0.9.7 - 31/03/2010

  • caefer: basic implementation of thum bnail removal now complete and tested
  • caefer: removed duplicate code
  • caefer: some minor bugfixes

Release 0.9.6 - 25/03/2010

  • caefer: sf_cache_namespace_callable now set only for sfImageTranformator module and moved from settings.yml to sfImageTransformExtraPluginConfiguration
  • caefer: moved setCacheKey callback from sfImageTransformExtraPluginConfiguration to sfRawFileCache
  • caefer: refactored sfImageRoundedCornersGD transformation to extend sfImageAlphaMaskGD transformation as it is only a specialisation of it.

Release 0.9.5 - 24/03/2010

  • caefer: corrected a bug from 0.9.4
  • caefer: thumbnail cache class is now configurable in settings.yml

Release 0.9.4 - 23/03/2010

  • caefer: after the refactoring now all tests comply with the code again
  • caefer: gained a lot more code coverage

Release 0.9.3 - 21/03/2010

  • caefer: updated README and TODO

Release 0.9.2 - 21/03/2010

  • caefer: transfered route from plugin configuration to routing.yml

Release 0.9.1 - 14/03/2010

  • caefer: at least started the README

Release 0.9.0 - 14/03/2010

  • caefer: initial commit with documentation yet to write