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WARNING : This plugin is in beta state.

The sfImagesOnDatabasePlugin intends to bring a solution for storing images on database using the symfony framework. These images can be subsequently retrieved as normal files stored on file system.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfImagesOnDatabasePlugin --stability=beta
  • Clear you cache

    $ symfony cc
  • Build model

    $ symfony doctrine:build-model
  • Build form

    $ symfony doctrine:build-form
  • Build filter

    $ symfony doctrine:build-filter
  • Enable sfImages module on your app

    enabled_modules:        [default, sfImages]

How to use it

This plugin don't required other plugins.

It contains mainly 2 classes :

  • sfImage : It consists of image stored on database (jpg, png, bmp, other...).
  • sfImageTable : It gives the opportunity to save an image contained in a file in database with an associated name (a reference).

Store an image

The following code store an image retreived by request with uploaded file. It is located in a actions.class.php.

      $this->form = new sfImageForm();
      $parameters = $request->getParameter($this->form->getName());
      $files = $request->getFiles($this->form->getName());
      $this->form->bind($parameters, $files);
      if ($this->form->isValid())
        $image = sfImageTable::newImage($this->form->getValue('reference'), $this->form->getValue('file'));
        if($image) {

Then you can retrieve the image by the url getted from $image->getUrl(). This is like {hostname}/images/{name}.{extension} as a normal file!

Done, That's it !


Please provide feedbacks and comments