sfJQueryDateTimeFormWidgetPlugin - 1.0.2

A plugin used to implement a jquery date and time picker widget within the forms

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A plugin using juqery TimePicker library to provide a dropdown of time based on specification of intervals and start and stop times.

The most recent version of this plugin includes a validator class which can be used to bind value based on a datetime format.

The version of the plugin also comes with javascript and css assets for the time picker.


  • Install jQuery (http://www.jquery.com) somewhere under your web folder (preferably under web/js).

  • Install jQuery-UI (http://www.jqueryui.com) somewhere under your web folder (preferably under web/js).

  • Install Datejs (http://www.datejs.com) somewhere under your web folder (preferably under web/js).

  • Add the jQuery, timePicker, jQuery-UI and Datejs JavaScript files to the javascripts list in your application's config/view.yml file.

  • Add any CSS files you want to use for timePicker and datePicker, and add them to the stylesheets list in view.yml.


    stylesheets: [ ... , /sfJQueryDateTimeFormWidgetPlugin/css/timePicker.css, ... ]

    javascripts: [ ... , /sfJQueryDateTimeFormWidgetPlugin/js/jquery.timePicker.js, ... ]

  • Install the plugin. Using symfony command line: ./symfony plugin:install sfJQueryTimeDateFormWidgetPlugin Or get the latest version from the subversion repository: svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfJQueryTimeDateFormWidgetPlugin plugins/sfJQueryTimeDateFormWidgetPlugin

  • If you installed by subversion, activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php file (this will have already been done automatically if you used the plugin:install symfony command).

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
  • Publish the Assets. Using symfony command line: ./symfony plugin:publish-assets

How to use

  • Edit a form, for example lib/form/doctrine/MyForm.class.php. To use the date component, do something like this:


    $params = $this->getOption('params');

    $options = array( 'widget_name'=>'time', 'params'=>$params, 'default_date'=>date('Y-m-d'), 'default_time'=>date('h:i A') );

    $this->setWidget('time',new sfJQueryDateTimeWidget($options)); $this->setValidator('time', new sfJQueryDateTimeValidator(array('widget_name'=>'time')));

  • Clear your cache. ./symfony cc

  • Test your form.

Widget Options

  • widget_name (string) the name of the widget
  • time_interval (string) a number from one to 60 to minumize minute selection
  • params (array) an array of form request data
  • default_date (string) the default date for the date picker in YYYY-mm-dd
  • default_time (string) the default time for the time picker in hh:ii AA
  • time_start_stop (array) an array with two keys: * start (string) the start time of the time picker in HH.MM * stop (string) the stop time of the time picker in HH.MM
  • time_image (string) a path to an image to display as the time picker button

Validator Options

  • widget_name (string): The name of the widget (to retrieve specific input value)
  • date_format (string): The format to use when submitting a date with time (default to Y-m-d h:i A)
  • with_time (string): true if the validator must return a time, false otherwise
  • date_output (string): The format to use when returning a date (default to Y-m-d)
  • datetime_output (string): The format to use when returning a date with time (default to Y-m-d H:i:s)