sfJQueryLightboxPlugin - 1.0.0

JQuery lightbos effect.

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This helper transfomrs image link into fully featured lightbox effect. Automatically creates gallery.

This plugin uses awesome jQuery library and jQueryLightBox plugin by Leandro Vieira Pinho.


$ symfony plugin:install sfJQueryLightBoxPlugin
$ symfony cache:clear


Place use_helper in your main layout:

<?php use_helper("sfJQueryLightbox") ?>

In template place light_image() function for every image you want to have lightbox effect:

<?php echo light_image($thumbnail_url, $full_image_url, array('title' => $image_title )); ?>

Somewhere at the end of main layout place light_image_activate function:

<?php light_image_activate("Image", "of") ?>

"Image" and "of" is used for gallery text "Image 2 of 3".


Function light_image() have following syntax:

light_image($thumb_url, $image_url, $image_link_options = array(), $thumb_options = array() )


  • $thumb_url : thumbnail url
  • $image_url : full image url
  • $image_link_options : additional html attributes to add to image link (e.g.: array ('title' => 'My image'))
  • $thumb_options : additional html attributes to add to thumb image tag (e.g.: array ('border' => 5))

You can also customize look and feel by modifying css (see css plugin dir) and images used by (see images plugin dir).


Plugin likes but do not require sfJQueryReloadedPlugin. If sfJQueryReloadedPlugin is loaded then plugin uses it if not, plugin uses its own jquery library.

Plugin uses jQuery so its not compatible with sfProtoculousPlugin (which has to be disabled).