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This plugin makes use of jQuery UI library.

Currently available is only one widget, sfWidgetFormDateJQueryUI which uses jQuery DatePicker to choose date. Widget displays one input tag (not three seperated input tags for year, month and day like in sfFormExtraPlugin).

This plugin uses awesome jQuery library - so its not compatible with sfProtoculousPlugin (which has to be disabled).

Try out demonstration


This Plugin requires JqueryReloadedPlugin or jquery library itself.


$ symfony plugin:install sfJQueryUIPlugin
$ symfony cache:clear

sfWidgetFormDateJQueryUI Usage

In your form class:

$this->widgetSchema['my_date']= new sfWidgetFormDateJQueryUI(array("change_month" => true, "change_year" => true)),

sfWidgetFormDateJQueryUI Customization

Yuo can configure Widget with following options:

  • culture : configure culture for the widget, defaults to sfContext::getInstance()->getUser()->getCulture()
  • change_month : if date chooser attached to widget has month dropdown, defaults to false
  • change_year : if date chooser attached to widget has year dropdown, defaults to false
  • number_of_months : number of months visible in date chooser, defaults to 1
  • show_button_panel : if date chooser shows panel with 'today' and 'done' buttons, defaults to false
  • theme : css theme for jquery ui interface, defaults to '/sfJQueryUIPlugin/css/ui-lightness/jquery-ui.css', if you want another theme you have to download it by hand from here


Widget is simple text input tag, date chooser appears after input is focused/clicked. User can still input date by hand. I recommend to use date validator.

When using widget, do not forget to use css and javascript in your form template:

<?php include_stylesheets_for_form($your_form) ?>
<?php include_javascripts_for_form($your_form) ?>