sfJSLibManagerPlugin - 1.0.3

Manage the inclusion of a javascript library's relevant js & css files

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A simple plugin to manage the inclusion of a javascript library's relevant js & css files via a single call to a static method



To install the plugin for a symfony project, the usual process is to use the symfony command line:

php symfony plugin:install sfJSLibManagerPlugin

If the installation of either package fails then you can manually download the tgz file from


and then ask symfony to install the downloaded file

php symfony plugin:install sfJSLibManagerPlugin-1.0.0.tgz

Enable the plugin if necessary by editing config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php:



The plugin looks for a library's config which should be defined in settings.yml. This specifies the location of the js & css files for a particular javascript library and should look something like the following:

all: .settings: js_lib_jquery_ui: dependencies: jquery # optional list of dependencies web_dir: / # where to find the js & css directories js_files: jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js # single file or array of files css_files: jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.css # single file or array of files

The addLib() method will return true on success and false on failure (because no settings were foudn for the requested library for example)


The settings should appear under a section labelled as the name of the library prefixed by js_lib_, and then name of the library is all that get's passed to the addLib() method. Eg:


dependencies - if dependencies are listed here then the plugin will attempt to load them before it loads the requested library. Failure to find config for a dependency will result in the library not being loaded, and the addLib() method will return false

web_dir - tells the manager where to find the asset dirs (js & css) and it's relative to /web

js_files - optional setting which lists one or more javascript files to include

css_files - optional setting which lists one or more css files to include