sfJqueryPlugin - 1.0.3

sfJqueryPlugin offers helpers that integrate the jQuery Javascript framework.

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Jquery Plug-In

The sfJqueryPlugin offers helpers that integrate the Jquery Javascript framework.


symfony channel @ Freenode IRC.


Please report all bugs to Fourat Zouari (loca|host on IRC)


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license. For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.


Jquery is offering an easy API, very well documented and can be a good replacement for the Prototype framework wich's used by default on symfony Javascript's helper.

And since Jquery comes with its powerfull JqueryUI to do effects easily, there's no need to implement scriptaculous.

The integration of sfJqueryPlugin is made simple, developers will have to use the new jQuery helper and prefix the old prototyped methods with jq_.

So the prototype method:

<?php echo link_to_remote(....);?>

will get this new Jquery form:

<?php echo jq_link_to_remote(....);?>


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfJqueryPlugin

  • Alternatively, if you don't have PEAR installed, you can download the latest package attached to this plugin's wiki page and extract it under your project's plugins/ directory

  • Download the jquery file from www.jquery.com and put it in:


    You can choose to put the jQuery library somewhere alse, but then you'll need to customize the app_sfJQueryPlugin_library_path setting in your app.yml.

Basic syntax

Declaring the helper in templates

  • Inside a template

  • In settings.yml, for all modules

    standard_helpers: jQuery

Using Jquery methods

To use Jquery methods, refer to Chapter 11 Ajax Integration, all helper functions described on the chapter can be used with the jq_ prefix.

jQuery Helpers documentation

Below are complete syntax for ready to use methods in the jQuery Helpers.

  • jq_periodically_call_remote($options = array())
  • jq_link_to_function($name, $function, $html_options = array())
  • jq_link_to_remote($name, $options = array(), $html_options = array())
  • jq_update_element_function($element_id, $options = array())
  • jq_form_remote_tag($options = array(), $options_html = array())
  • jq_submit_to_remote($name, $value, $options = array(), $options_html = array())
  • jq_javascript_tag($content)

These are the methods reconverted into jQuery functions till the sfJqueryPlugin last version. Future changes will integrate more functions.

Using JSON

http://trac.symfony-project.com/wiki/AjaxAndJSON#jsonwithoutheader and:

                                       'dataType' => 'json',
                                       'success'  => 'leaveGroup(request)')) ?>


  • Add unit tests
  • Use sprintf for string manipulation
  • Implement the rest of the Javascript Helper:
    • visual_effect
    • sortable_element
    • draggable_element
    • drop_receiving_element
    • input_auto_complete_tag
    • input_in_place_editor_tag



  • Tiago.Ribeiro: Added JSON dataType support
  • Tiago.Ribeiro: Removed escaping from 'with' parameter
  • Tiago.Ribeiro: Added request parameter to complete callback
  • francois: Replaced $ by jQuery
  • francois: Made the jQuery lib file configurable

2007-10-17 | 1.0.0 Stable

  • fourat: success, complete, beforeSend and error .ajax options updated just as the jQuery documentation.

2007-10-17 | 0.0.8 Beta

  • fourat: Fixed data parameter handling in jq_remote_function().

2007-10-16 | 0.0.7 Beta

  • fourat: Fixed dataType parameter handling in jq_remote_function().

2007-10-15 | 0.0.6 Beta

  • fourat: Jquery has fixed the documentation and now providing a dataType:text to forbid script execution in returned data (see ticket 1788)

2007-10-11 | 0.0.5 Beta

  • fourat: Fixed method parameter and data serialisation in jq_remote_function.

2007-10-10 | 0.0.4 Beta

  • fourat: Initial release
  • fourat: Implementing basic ajax functions:
    • jq_periodically_call_remote
    • jq_link_to_function
    • jq_link_to_remote
    • jq_update_element_function
    • jq_form_remote_tag
    • jq_submit_to_remote
    • jq_javascript_tag