sfKoreroPlugin - 0.0.4

A multi-channel chat plugin.

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sfMaraePlugin has two external dependencies:

  • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
  • jQuery

Please install and make sure you have both working before installing sfKoreroPlugin.

Installing sfKoreroPlugin

  1. Install sfKoreroPlugin into your plugins directory

  2. Enable the plugin sfKoreroPlugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php.

  3. Enable the modules sfKoreroChannel and sfKoreroMessage in apps/frontend/config/settings.yml.

  4. Copy plugins/sfKoreroPlugin/data/fixtures/fixtures.yml.sample to your fixtures directory, naming and editing appropriately.

  5. Build all classes and load the sfKorero fixture into your database.

  6. Publish the sfKoreroPlugin web assets and link them into your layout via your preferred method (e.g. editing apps/frontend/config/view.yml):

    symfony plugin:publish-assets
  7. If your modules are unsecure by default, create two directories under frontend/modules, called sfKoreroChannel and sfKoreroMessage. In each create a subdirectory called config, and add a security.yml file containing:

      is_secure: true
  8. Add links to channel into your application. If you want the chat window to overlay your existing page, add a tag with ID "content" around the HTML you wish to fade, and a second tag with class "content" nested just inside.

    An example link is:

    <?php echo link_to('General', 'channel/general', array('class' => 'korero')) ?>
  9. That's it! If you are still having problems please open an issue on GitHub.

Administering sfKoreroPlugin

  • To cut down on server requests, the chat window closes if the viewer changes to a different window. To disable this, change _close_on_blur to true in web/js/sfKorero.js.

  • To change the frequency that new messages are checked for, change _update_interval in web/js/sfKorero.js. This is the number of milliseconds to wait per request.

  • To change the maximum number of comments shown, change _comments_max in web/js/sfKorero.js.