sfMinifyTSPlugin - 0.2.1

Minify Javascript and CSS into files suitable for far-future caching.

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sfMinify plugin

Integrates the minify library see http://code.google.com/p/minify/ into symfony.


Combines, minifies, and caches JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loads. Names the combined, minified files based on the modification time of each component file, so editing CSS or JavaScript files will cause a new combined version to be created automatically. This makes it easier to set far-future expiry dates on assets.

Based on sfMinifyPlugin by Gordon Franke. Adds support for unique file names based on modification times of combined files.


  • create a symlink in your web directory pointing to plugins/sfMinifyTSPlugin/web/ or run symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • clear the symfony cache with symfony cc
  • then run symfony minify:permissions

Filter or Helper

you can activate minify over as a filter or with helpers

  • change the common filter in your filters.yml to

      class: sfMinifyTSFilter   # Filter class
        javascripts:        true
        stylesheets:        true
  • or add/change the helper in your layout file (default layout.php) to



you can enable and disable javascript or stylesheet minify by setting the params in filter.yml by default both types will be minified. You can also optionally create an alias to the cache path directory if you want to conceal your use of this plugin. Create a directory alias in your apache config file, e.g.:

    # an alias for the minify cache directory
    Alias /cache /var/www/html/mysite/web/sfMinifyTSPlugin/cache

then add an extra parameter to your filters.yml file, cache_dir:

      class: sfMinifyTSFilter   # Filter class
        javascripts:        true
        stylesheets:        true
        cache_dir:          /cache/     # must have leading and trailing slashes

All compressed files will then be created in the the usual web/sfMinifyTSPlugin/cache directory, but will be served from /cache


to compress the files simply set the compressed option to on in settings.yml

        compressed:         on


This package provides 2 tasks:

  • minify:clear-cache - extends the default symfony clear-cache task to clear the minify cache directory as well. It also adds a new type minify to only clear the minify cache.

  • minify:fix-permissions - fixes the permissions on the minify cache directory to make it world-writeable