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#sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin v1.1.2

This plugin generates a gallery management module with an ajax multiple photo uploader. Internationalization supports (En - Fr) Sort your gallerie's photos, crop them and get as sizes of image you want.

  • Requirements
  1. To manipulate pictures, you have to install on your server the GD library or imagemagick
  • Tutorial :
  1. you can watch a screencast here : Video

  2. you can follow the instructions below

  3. you can follow the instructions in my website : http://www.leny-bernard.com/en/blog/show/sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin


In order to install the plugin sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin : Type one of these symfony commands :

    plugin:install sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin


Download the file here

Then extract its content in the plugins directory of your project :

    plugin:install sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin

Get the plugin's resources by typing :

    symfony publish-assets

Then clear the cache :

    symfony cc

A last task to do is to enable the gallery and photos modules (backend) and the portfolio module (frontend) in the settings.yml specific app config's folder. /apps/backend/settings.yml You have to enter if it doesn't already exist this line

    enabled_modules: [gallery, photos]

If it does exists, you just have to add in the list the gallery module like below :

    enabled_modules: [myOthersModule, gallery, photos]

/apps/frontend/settings.yml same procedure that before

    enabled_modules: [portfolio]

----------- or -----

    enabled_modules: [myOthersModule, portfolio]

You can now access to the gallery and get its awesome functionnalities. The plugin is customizable : So you can :

choose the different sizes that you want for your thumbnails :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: thumbnails_sizes: - 50 - 150 - 300

choose the default thumbnail size : :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: default_size: 50 # default, if not in thumbnails_sizes array new thumbnail is created

Choose the portfolio thumbnail size :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: portfolio_thumbnails_size: 150

Chose the behavior when deleting a gallery :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: onDelete: cascade # none or cascade, cascade remove all gallery's photos

the galleries path :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: path_gallery:

the theme for the gallery administration panel :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: csstheme: black # {black} or {original}

The plugin use an extern library (GD is set by default but you can totally use imagemagick instead) in order to save your photos in some widths {by default : 50px, 150px, 300px, orignal size}

alt text alt text alt text



VIVIEN OLIVIER (refactoring, configuring)

MATHIEU GIRARD (développement de la fonctionnalité tri)