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#sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin v1.2.1

This plugin generates a gallery management module with an ajax multiple photo uploader. Internationalization supports (En - Fr) Sort your gallerie's photos, crop it, get as sizes of image you want, greyscale it, rotate it, flip it, colorize it. Visualize your slideshow as you want by choosing one of the 2 slideshows engine included (skitter, anythingslider).

  • Requirements
  1. To manipulate pictures, you have to install on your server the GD library or imagemagick
  • Tutorial :
  1. you can watch a screencast here : Video

  2. you can follow the instructions below

  3. you can follow the instructions in my website : http://www.leny-bernard.com/en/blog/show/sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin


In order to install the plugin sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin : Type one of these symfony commands :

    plugin:install sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin


Download the file here

Then extract its content in the plugins directory of your project :

    plugin:install sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin

Get the plugin's resources by typing :

    symfony publish-assets

Then clear the cache :

    symfony cc

A last task to do is to enable the gallery and photos modules (backend) and the slideshow module (frontend) in the settings.yml specific app config's folder. /apps/backend/settings.yml You have to enter if it doesn't already exist this line

    enabled_modules: [gallery, photos]

If it does exists, you just have to add in the list the gallery module like below :

    enabled_modules: [myOthersModule, gallery, photos]

/apps/frontend/settings.yml same procedure that before

    enabled_modules: [slideshow]

----------- or -----

    enabled_modules: [myOthersModule, slideshow]

You can now access to the gallery and get its awesome functionnalities. The plugin is customizable : So you can :

choose the different sizes that you want for your thumbnails :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: thumbnails_sizes: - 50 - 150 - 300

choose the default thumbnail size : :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: default_size: 50 # default, if not in thumbnails_sizes array new thumbnail is created

Choose the portfolio/slideshow thumbnail size :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: portfolio_thumbnails_size: 150

Chose the behavior when deleting a gallery :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: onDelete: cascade # none or cascade, cascade remove all gallery's photos

the galleries path :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: path_gallery:

the theme for the gallery administration panel :

sfMultipleAjaxUploadGalleryPlugin: csstheme: black # {black} or {original}

get and customize your slideshow

You can use the skitter and anythingslider template ! write this to include the slideshow where you want : $galleries->getFirst(), "template" => "anything" )) ?>

The plugin use an extern library (GD is set by default but you can totally use imagemagick instead) in order to save your photos in some widths {by default : 50px, 150px, 300px, orignal size}

alt text alt text alt text

alt text alt text alt text



DAMIEN BRAULT aka GABS (notification messages, color filters, image rotation, image flipping)

MATHIEU GIRARD (image sorting)

VIVIEN OLIVIER (refactoring, configuration)