sfN1IterationPlugin - 0.1.5

Easily edit iterations N1.

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sfN1IterationPlugin plugin

The sfN1IterationPlugin makes easy the edition of simple iterations of a table with N-1 relations.


./symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfN1IterationPlugin


<?php use_helper('N1Iteration') ?>
<?php echo N1iteration($partial, $className, $vars, $iteratorSuffix); ?>

$partial is the partial to be iterated.

$className is the class name of the object iterated.

$vars the same array as usually used in the partials. The first item of this array must be the objects iterated.

$iteratorSuffix an optional suffix for the iterator name.

The partial must have an html tag with the string %id% in the id property, the helper will replace this with an unique identifier for every iteration. For example:

<div id="%id%">
<!--here your code -->

Javascript helpers

The plugin provides some simple javascript helpers to use in the partial:

N1Iteration.Insertion.After('%id%') for insert a iteration after this one.

N1Iteration.Insertion.Before('%id%') for insert before.

N1Iteration.Remove('%id%') for remove the iteration.

An example

Let's see an example with the example data model of chapter 14:


The purpose is to easily edit all the comments of an article, in the same page of the article's edition page. You can have this template to edit an article:

  echo form_tag('article/save');
  echo input_tag('title', $article->getTitle());
  echo input_tag('content', $article->getContent());
  echo N1Iteration('iterationComment', 'Comment', 'comment' => $article->getComments());
  echo submit_tag('Save');

And the partial (named _iterationComment) for the iteration:

<div id="%id%">
  echo input_tag('author[]', $comment->getAuthor());
  echo input_tag('content[]', $comment->getComment());
  echo button_to_function('Add comment', "N1Iteration.Insertion.After('%id%')");
  echo button_to_function('Remove comment', "N1Iteration.Remove('%id%')");

Note: the names of inputs must have the [], so you can get them as arrays later in the action.

You can add, remove or edit easily the comments related to the article.


Version 0.1.4-beta

  • Minor changes, and fixed a little bug.

Version 0.1.3-beta

  • Added N1IterationToolkit.class.php with a method to easily save related objects.

Version 0.1.2-beta

  • Added an optional parameter (iteratorSuffix) to the helper, to deal with various iterators.

Version 0.1.1-beta

  • Renamed the function in helper to avoid confusion.

Version 0.1.0-beta

  • Initial public release.