sfNivoSliderPlugin - 0.9.1

sfNivoSliderPlugin provides integration with jQuery Nivo Slider.

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The sfNivoSliderPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides integration with jQuery Nivo-Slider.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository by executing the following command from the project root directory (branch 1.4 of the plugin works for both 1.3 and 1.4 symfony versions):

$ svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfNivoSliderPlugin/branches/1.4 plugins/sfNivoSliderPlugin

or by using the default symfony plugin install command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install sfNivoSliderPlugin


  • publish the plugin assets by running the following command:

    $ ./symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • enable sfNivoSliderDemo module from the plugin in app/APP_NAME/config/setting.yml:

    enabled_modules:        [ sfNivoSliderDemo ]
  • include the demo component and put it your action template to get the slider working:

    <?php include_component('sfNivoSliderDemo', 'demo') ?>


  • preparing initial sfNivoSliderPlugin release used revision number 33333 ;)


  • thanks for all comments, suggestions and bug reports, they help a lot! Feel free to write me.