sfOpenIDExtPlugin - 1.0.1

symfony openID extended plugin

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sfOpenIDExtPlugin symfony plugin



Extended Module allow to handle authentication and to receive user information (email, nickname, fullname) via OpenID.



For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.


  • Install the plugin

    symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfOpenIDExtPlugin
  • Enable the sfOpenIDAuth module

  • Subclass the BasesfOpenIDAuthActions and impliment an openIDCallback() function that executes after a successful openIDAuthentication.

    For example:

    class sfOpenIDAuthActions extends BasesfOpenIDAuthActions
      public function openIDCallback()
        $openid = sfOpenID::simplifyURL($this->getRequestParameter('openid_identity'));
        $nickname = $this->getRequestParameter('openid_sreg_nickname');
        $fullname = $this->getRequestParameter('openid_sreg_fullname');
        $email = $this->getRequestParameter('openid_sreg_email');
        // do something
        return $this->redirect('@homepage');

This is the perfect place to log a user into a site or make them fill out a profile or whatever it is you do on your site once someone is authenticated.


v.1.0.1 * Remove error with OpenID class error returning * Remove error with nonauthentication on OpenID servers via https

v.1.0.0 * Add receiving user information (email, nickname, fullname) * Add OpenIDValidator