sfPHPCaptchaPlugin - 0.0.4

Visual captcha as form widget with validator for symfony. Audio support possible.

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PHPCaptcha symfony plugin

Using visual captchas in symfony forms. Audio support is possible. Development version.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install -r <versionnumber> sfPHPCaptchaPlugin
  • Enable the plugin. Eg. in your ProjectConfiguration.class.php

  • Enable the module in your settings.yml

    enabled_modules:  [default,sfPHPCaptchaPlugin]
  • Clear your cache

    $symfony cc

How to use

  • Create a Form which extends the sfForm class and use the widget and the validator

    public function configure() {
        'captcha' => new sfWidgetFormPHPCaptcha(),
        'captcha' => new sfValidatorPHPCaptcha()

Configure plugin

  • Custom error message

    'captcha' => new sfValidatorPHPCaptcha(array(),array('invalid' => "Custom message")),
  • Change the image

    You can use themes to change the image

Audio support

  • For more information please visit http://www.ejeliot.com/pages/php-captcha

    Enable it in app.yml

        useaudio: true


Symfony plugin: Sven Wappler - http://www.wapplersystems.de

PHP Captcha - Edward Eliot - http://www.ejeliot.com