sfPHPMailerPlugin - 0.9.2

This plugin is a simple wrapper for the PHPMailer package to allow for configuration to be stored in your application configuration files.

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sfPHPMailerPlugin (for Symfony 1.2)

The sfPHPMailerPlugin is a simple wrapper plugin around the PHPMailer package developed by Codeworx Technologies. This allows you to setup some of the basic configuration for PHPMailer in your app.yml file eliminating redundant configuration code in your application. In time there may be some additional helper functions but for now this is just an easy way to include PHPMailer.


  • Install the plugin

     $ symfony plugin:install sfPHPMailerPlugin
  • or

     $ svn co https://sfphpmailer.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/sfphpmailer/trunk sfPHPMailerPlugin
  • Add your mailer defaults to your app.yml file

        mailer:                    true
        smtp_auth:                 true
        smtp_secure:               "ssl"
        host:                      "smtp.gmail.com"
        port:                      465
        username:                  "yourname@gmail.com"
        password:                  "password"
        from:                      "yourname@gmail.com"
        from_name:                 "Your Name"
  • Clear your cache

     $ symfony cc


The documentation on how to use PHPMailer can be found in the lib/vendor/PHPMailer-v5.0.0 directory or on Codeworx Technologies website.


  • Upgrade included PHPMailer to 5.0.2
  • better documentation


This code is still listed as beta only because I have not yet finished my implemenation of the plugin and I may find that there are utility functions that I would like to include. Since this is just a wrapper around PHPMailer v5.0.0 you can easily consider this plugin stable.