sfPackageMaker2Plugin - 0.2.2

create package.xml files from a skeleton

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=== Description ===

This plugin will help you to create a package by listing all the file in your plugin directory.

Take the time to read all the options, like that you could manage automaticaly the xml changelog only using the task.

=== How To Install ===

   ./symfony plugin:install sfPackageMakerPlugin --version="0.2"
   ./symfony cc

=== When you create your plugin ===

  • Copy the package-skelton.xml to your sf_plugins_dir
  • Rename it with this syntax package-YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME.xml
  • In the file change the bloc And all the author bloc
  • Set a summary and a description
  • set also the bloc

    WARNING If you have forgot to create the README and the LICENSE files, the task will automatically add this files

    === The task ===

    You can use :

    ./symfony plugin:build-package


    ./symfony plugin-build-package

    The task contain one agrgument :

  • The plugin_name : by default it's the name of the skelton xml

The task contains this options :

  • --skelton_path or -p : if you want to set an other model (by default: package-YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME.xml)

  • --plugin_version or -v : to set the version of the plugin ( pear format is X.Y.Z )

  • --stability or -s : set beta or stable

  • --changelog or -c : By this options you will set the notes for the changelog of this version

  • --license_uri or -uri : The uri of you license (default : http://www.symfony-project.com/license )

  • --license_name or -l : The name of the license (default : MIT )

    === Recommanded use ===

    ./symfony plugin:build-package -v="X.Y.Z" -s="beta" -c="Your notes for the version" PLUGIN_NAME

    If you have already set the command for a version, but you have forgot something and that you don't want to creant a new version number :

  • Manke your change and do only :

    ./symfony plugin:build-package PLUGIN_NAME