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Tools useful when making payflow pro credit card transactions Note: Future releases of this class will also support paypal payments

@author Jeremy Ballard @version 1.0.0 @email

This plugin was adapted from the sfPaypalLitePlugin by Ian Ricketson @email (_Slick_Rick on IRC)

Example Usage


  // Initialize the class in TEST mode
  $q = new paymentTools(true);

  // Initialize the class in LIVE mode
  //$q = new paymentTools(false);

  $q->setPayflowName('Jeremy Ballard');
  $q->setPayflowStreet('420 W. Side Way');
  $q->setPayflowComment1('Custom comment #1');
  $q->setPayflowComment2('Custom comment #2');

  // Process the credit card and set any errors
  if (!$q->execute())

    if ($q->hasErrors())

      foreach ($q->getErrors() as $key => $error)

        $this->getRequest()->setError('payflow_error_' . $key, $error);
        echo $error;

    throw new Exception($error);  


} catch (Exception $e) {

//if error