sfPaymentSIPSPlugin - 0.5.0

ATOS SIPS Payment module integration into Symfony

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sfPaymentSIPS plugin

The sfPaymentSIPS is a symfony plugin that provides SIPS payment module for Symfony applications. Additional checkings and return code handling are done to provide a better comfort with API calls.


  • Install the plugin

    symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfPaymentSIPSPlugin
  • Clear your cache

    symfony cc


  • Merchant parameters

Edit the app.yml and add these parameters with your information :

  • default currency

  • default language

  • your merchant ID

  • path to the request/response binaries

        currency:      EUR
        country:       fr
        merchant_id:   011223344551111
          request:     c:/cyberplus/payment/bin/request.exe
          response:    c:/cyberplus/payment/bin/response.exe   
  • Symfony specific

The plugin provides the ability to redirect to your own actions once the payment return has been checked.

In your app.yml, simply add the module/action for both return cases (good or error) :

        action_ok:     payment/index
        action_nok:    payment/error
  • Transferring information to the SIPS payment

Once you're ready to transfer information to the payment, set a redirect to sfPaymentSIPS/request in your module and provide three parameters through sfUser object :

    $this->getUser()->setParameter('amount', '14.00', 'sips_payment');    
    $this->getUser()->setParameter('currency', 'USD', 'sips_payment');    
    $this->getUser()->setParameter('order_id', '4', 'sips_payment');

    $this->forward('sfPaymentSIPS', 'request');    
  • Handling SIPS payment return

sfPaymentSIPS/response handles the bank return code and transfers to the module/Action you have specified. In your custom action, it is possible to get the instance of the sfPaymentSIPS class containing the detailed bank information, with ability to get a verbose message as specified in the original documentation.

     $sipsPayment = $this->getUser()->getParameter('payment', null, 'sips_payment');
  • Further information

Please refer to the SIPS documentation provided by Atos.

Known limitations

  • Only compliant with version 6 of the SIPS module
  • Does not handle the subscription system
  • Does not handle the payment in N times (Transaction management)
  • Allow to set more SIPS variables through YAML file