sfPaymentWebMoneyPlugin - 0.1.1

sfPaymentPlugin WebMoney implementation

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WARNING : This plugin is in alpha state, therefore NOT READY for production. It still needs contribution to be fully functional.

**NOTE : You need to install sfPaymentPlugin

The sfPaymentWebMoneyPlugin is intended to ease integration with webmoney payment service.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfPaymentWebMoneyPlugin --stability=alpha
  • Clear you cache

    $ symfony cc


  • Get feedbacks for this first version and improve plugin consistency
  • Write gateway plugin developer documentation
  • Integrate support for server to server transactions
  • Implement more gateways / providers (Google CheckOut, Amazon Payments...)
  • When a transaction is submitted and the IPN validated, the information need to be checked against the initial transaction (to secure against values hacking). This asks the question of the data storage. It it the role of this plugin ?