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This plugin aims at providing a fast & lightweight ORM based on PDO to take advantage of Postgresql features :

  • Extra data types like key => value store, hierachical data and arrays, vectors, ISBN, IPV4 adresses etc...
  • Regular expressions in SQL
  • multiple tables inheritance
  • schemas and views
  • window functions
  • stored procedures
  • triggers
  • million features I forget to mention here

Because the query language is SQL.

PgLook::getMapFor('Book')->query(' SELECT * FROM book WHERE title ~ ? AND ? ~ ANY (tags)', array('postgresql', 'must read'));
// same as
PgLook::getMapFor('Book')->findWhere('title ~ ? AND ? ~ ANY (tags)', array('postgresql', 'must read'));
// same as
$where = PgLookWhere::create('title ~ ?', array('postgresql'))
  ->andWhere('? ANY (tags)', array('must read'));


The abstraction layer turns data in your database into PHP objects in your code using a translator :

  • booleans in postgres will be boolean in PHP
  • arrays in postgres will be arrays in PHP

For now, simple CRUD operations and basic forms are supported, no code generation, no admin gen, no schema, no fixtures, just a kernel to make easy, fast and efficient queries.

Queries return Collections, with handy iterator methods like in Propel 1.5 : isFirst, isLast, isOdd, getOddEven etc ... I haven t tested it yet with PostGIS but it should work fine.