sfPhpunitHelperPlugin - 1.0.0

Add some useful helpers for functional selenium tests

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The plugin will provide a functionallity like shown bellow:

Helpers allow write test much as domain logic nor selenium commands.

Example 1:

class PublicationFunctionTestCase extends BaseSeleniumTestCase
  implements sfPhpunitFixturePropelAggregator
  public function testNewItem()






    $this->assertTextPresent('New Publication');


      *>type('publication', 'title', 'title_new')

      *>select('publication', 'published_from_month', 'July')

      *>select('publication', 'published_from_day', '01')

      *>select('publication', 'published_from_year', '2010')

      *>type('publication', 'author', 'test-author')

      *>type('publication', 'manager', 'test-manager')

      *>type('publication', 'publisher', 'test-publisher')

      *>type('publication', 'ISBN', '1234-4321-1234')

      *>type('publication', 'cover_file',



    $this->assertTextPresent('Edit Publication');


      *>assertImageExist('publication', 'cover_file')




      *>assertItemFieldValue(6, 'title', 'title_new')

      *>assertItemFieldValue(6, 'author', 'test-author');

Example 2:

class AuthenticationTestCase extends FrontendBaseTestCase
  public function testVisitorCanRegisterAndBecomeAUser()
    // selenium command to register user and asume that app send a mail to user gmail account.
    // then we can check that the mail was actually sent.




      *>assertNewMail('JJ Threads admin', 'Please verify your account')

      *>clickAtMailWithSubject('glob:Please verify your account*');

    $this->assertTrue($this->isTextPresent("glob:Thanks for applying for an account with*To prevent abuse of the site, we require that you activate your account by clicking on the following link:"));


    // ... other actions