sfPiwikPlugin - 0.1.4

Integrate Piwik web analytics into your symfony project.

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Piwik Plugin

A drop-in plugin to add a Piwik tracker to your presentation layer.

This plugin is still under development. I'll have better documentation in a few days.


  • Install the plugin

      symfony plugin:install sfPiwikPlugin -s="alpha"

    Since the plugin is still in alpha mode, the install requires a -s="alpha" parameter.

  • Add the sfPiwikFilter to your filter chain in filters.yml

      # insert your own filters here
        class: sfPiwikFilter
  • Configure the plugin in app.yml

          enabled:     on
          tracker_url: example.com/piwik/
          site_id:     1

    tracker_url is where the Piwik server is installed site_id is the ID of your site in the Piwik installation