sfPixlrPlugin - 0.1.1

The sfPixlrPlugin adds support for Pixlr image editing service API (http://www.pixlr.com/)

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sfPixlrPlugin plugin

The sfPixlrPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides support for Pixlr image editing service API to symfony applications.

It gives you helpers that generate URL-s for sending images to Pixlr service, and utility module that can automatically save your edited images.

For informations about Pixlr service please visit Pixlr website


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfPixlrPlugin
  • Enable module sfPixlr in your settings.yml

        enabled_modules:      [default, sfPixlr]
  • Secure module sfPixlr if necessary.

  • Clear you cache

    $ symfony cc


Sending images to the Pixlr services can be done in two ways: via a GET or a POST request. This plugin provides helpers for each of this methods.

pixlr_get_url helper

To send image via GET request use pixlr_get_url helper:

    pixlr_get_url($absolute_url, $target, $options=array())


    pixlr_get_url("http://example.com/images/my%26image.jpg", url_for("mymodule/done", true), array("save_to"=>"images/saved"))


  • $absolute_url: Absolute URL to original image. This URL must be accessible over internet so Pixlr can download it.
  • $target: Absolute URL to action where request will be redirected after image is saved.
  • $options: Array containing helper options

pixlr_post_url helper

To send image via POST request use pixlr_post_url helper:

    pixlr_post_url($file, $target, $options=array())


    pixlr_post_url("/var/www/web/uploads/images/my&image.jpg", url_for("mymodule/done", true), array("save_to"=>"images/saved"))


  • $file: Path to image on server. This file will be sent via POST method from sfPixlr module.
  • $target: Absolute URL to action where request will be redirected after image is saved.
  • $options: Array containing helper options

Helper options

  • save_to: path to folder on server to which file will be saved.
    • this parameter is appended to app_pixlr_upload_dir or sf_upload_dir
    • if TRUE, default symfony upload folder is used
    • if FALSE or not specified file will not be automatically saved
  • title: default name for new file (default: original file name)
  • referrer: displayed in save dialog (default: HTTP_HOST)
  • exit: where to send the visitor when he/she clicks on the File->Exit
  • loc: pixlr localization (default: en)
  • skip_default: By default, image is sent from Pixlr to sfPixlr/save action, and then forwarded from there to $target. If you set skip_default to true Image will be sent directly to $target.
  • target_vars: Should Pixlr return informations be appended to $target URL as GET variables or not. Default is true.