sfProjectAnalyserPlugin - 0.8.0

The sfProjectAnalyserPlugin allows you to analyse your symfony project, it can raise several coding standards alerts. A YAML configuration file allows you to switch what to analyse and also allows you to parameter threshold for each alerts. Features list: * Count applications, modules, actions (by project, application, module) * Alert for actions code length * Alert for methods visibility in the actions classes * Alert for modules including too much actions

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Changelog for release 0.8.0 - 29/06/2010

  • This is the 1st version of the plugin.

Other releases

Release 1.0.3 - 10/05/2011

  • Fixed bug when having a module extending a base actions class but not overriding all its methods
  • Modified the error message when a class is not found

Release 1.0.2 - 07/01/2011

  • Fixed the return code values
  • Fixed color for ignored objects
  • Deleted the sfProjectAnanlyserPlugin from the default config
  • Fixed wrong count of alerts when using the XML output
  • Fixed the color reporting for modules
  • Added the possibility to ignore files or objects
  • Fixed symfony CS ! :-)
  • Added plugin config controls so the user know its custom config file must be upgraded
  • Added alert for $this->executeXXX code at action level
  • Cleanup

Release 1.0.1 - 21/12/2010

  • Added a config option 'output' that allows to render the output as XML instead of HTML
  • Fixed missing files in Package.xml :|

Release 0.9.1 - 01/07/2010

  • Added alerts for modules empty templates or partials
  • Added alerts for too big modules templates or partials
  • A demo module is now provided, it includes an example of each kind of alert
  • Added count of modules templates and partials
  • Refactored the way alerts are processed
  • Switch percent to two digits
  • Transfered the TODO list in the README file
  • Added an alert for functions with "sfContext::getInstance" calls
  • The parsing of the same named modules into different applications is now possible
  • Added an alert for functions without docblock
  • Corrected docblock length calculation

Release 0.8.0 - 29/06/2010

  • This is the 1st version of the plugin.