sfPropel15Plugin - 0.5.6

Replaces symfony's core Propel plugin by the latest version of Propel, in branch 1.5.

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This plugin is deprecated and is not maintained anymore. Please, use the sfPropelORMPlugin plugin : http://www.symfony-project.org/plugins/sfPropelORMPlugin
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Replaces symfony's core Propel plugin by the latest version of Propel, in branch 1.5.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository:

$ svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfPropel15Plugin/trunk plugins/sfPropel15Plugin

from the project root directory or by using the command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install sfPropel15Plugin

Right after the installation of the plugin, you should update plugin assets:

$ ./symfony plugin:publish-assets

Disable the core Propel plugin and enable the sfPropel15Plugin instead:

class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()

Change the path of the symfony behaviors in the config/propel.ini file of your project:

propel.behavior.symfony.class                  = plugins.sfPropel15Plugin.lib.behavior.SfPropelBehaviorSymfony
propel.behavior.symfony_i18n.class             = plugins.sfPropel15Plugin.lib.behavior.SfPropelBehaviorI18n
propel.behavior.symfony_i18n_translation.class = plugins.sfPropel15Plugin.lib.behavior.SfPropelBehaviorI18nTranslation
propel.behavior.symfony_behaviors.class        = plugins.sfPropel15Plugin.lib.behavior.SfPropelBehaviorSymfonyBehaviors
propel.behavior.symfony_timestampable.class    = plugins.sfPropel15Plugin.lib.behavior.SfPropelBehaviorTimestampable

What's New

Propel 1.5 is a backwards compatible evolution of Propel 1.4 (the version bundled with symfony 1.3 and 1.4), which adds some very interesting features. Among these features, you will find the new Propel Query API, which is essentially a Criteria on steroids. Check out the WHATS_NEW page in the Propel trac to see the full list of changes.

$books = PropelQuery::from('Book b')
    ->join('b.Author a')
    ->where('a.FirstName = ?', 'Leo')