sfPropelAuditPlugin - 1.0.1

Audit behavior for Propel.

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sfPropelAuditPlugin plugin

The sfPropelAuditPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides audit functionality to Propel objects.


  • Install the plugin from the plugin repository

      symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfPropelAuditPlugin
  • or install the plugin from a local file

      symfony plugin-install sfPropelAuditPlugin-x.y.z.tgz

    where x.y.z is the version number

  • Enable Propel behavior support in propel.ini:

      propel.builder.AddBehaviors = true
  • Rebuild your model:

      symfony propel-build-all
  • Clear your cache:

      symfony cc
  • Enable the behavior for one of your Propel model:

      // lib/model/Article.php
      class Article
      sfPropelBehavior::add('Article', array('audit'));
  • You're done


  • Uninstall the plugin

      symfony plugin-uninstall symfony/sfPropelAuditPlugin
  • Remove the sfPropelAudit behavior for one or more of your Propel models